Beautiful Purple Shade Anarkali Dresses

May 21, 2016 |

Exclusive purple anarkali frock collection

There are plenty of dresses which are trendy now a day  the girls carry all type of dressing wear daily because they want to carry different dresses  on  every event and the  girls are carried the  anarkali  dress   much more because it is   very beautiful and  look nice  on you  the anarkali is a traditionally name of a heroine in the film  and she wear such clothes in the movie and the anarkali dress is    in the anarkali frock, anarkali shirt , floor length ,air line ,shalwar kameez etc but it s up to you which dress do you like most . the models and the actors are  copied by   many people  girls   make the heroine their ideal and   wear the dresses   according to the actors and actress .here I have some collection of purple anarkali  frock  purple is very decent color it shows  the dignity ,royalty ,luxury ,power ,energy  and ambition  purple color is basically the combination of  cool blue and the fiery red  and purple color is associated with the  wealth ,creativity ,dignity ,pride ,magic ,mystery peace devotion  and wisdom my means to  tell about purple of you because we remain unaware of the colors  whenever the dress of color effects on your personality  so purple is a cool and  sexy color and mostly girl like this color  they  can see the anarkali purple dress.

Elegant purple color anarkali dresses:

1.    Purple color  anarkali  frock with the  embroided on the bodice with  full  sleeves chiffon and the  hemline is made with the frill  on the frill the  patch is increasing the beauty of your dress with this frock you can leave your hair open and golden high  heel sandal are great choice. With this you have no need to wear jewelry only stud earrings are good for you.

1. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

2.    Jam ,plum ,lavender ,grape ,mauve, iris ,mulberry  and so many   shades are inn in the purple color chiffon full sleeves  floor length anarkali frock bodice is made off  velvet and the  hem line is embellishes with the golden  ace and the ribbon  one shoulder is also looking so fancy  for the mehendi function this frock is best to wear. Skin shaded velvet bangles are good with this frock and khussa is nice footwear   for this frock.

2. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

3.    Magenta and violet color  frock   bodice  is fully fancy the stones and the golden work  is on the back and front both sides  of the  bodice  the back   neckline is  connected with the dory  chiffon hemline and  sleeves    fully decorated hemline with the velvet and bnarsi  patches and sleeves are made  with the fancy buttons  pink and purple combination duppata is decorated with the tassels  you can carry it in your welcome and farewell party of your school.

3. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

4.    In previous years the trend of magenta color was much more inn   but it is a nice  color  bodice  and hemline is decorated with the  stones and motifs  sleeveless because now a day  sleeveless    dresses are in the fashion  with this frock you can carry copper  peep toe heel shoes and the long golden jhummka and you can stitch the  churi pajama and   khara pajama  it is sleeveless then you should carry copper bangles and the  arm bracelet .

4. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

5.    Royal purple color anarkali floor length dress skin color sleeves and the bodice is fully fancy   and the hem line is made of with the embroidery, ribbons, patches and the golden chiffon duppata is fully fancy from the border   with this dress make the top bun and add a flower of pink rose it will give you a fabulous look and with this dress  you can carry a short pendent necklace  and pointed  pumps  with your  golden long earrings.

5. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

6.     Multi shaded  anarkali  frock is very beautiful  orange ,pink ,purple and magenta  color full flare anarkali frock is  so nice and  the velvet bodice  is embellished and chiffon sleeves are giving you a stylish touch with the  skin duppata   fancy with the tussles  it is up to you  that you can go with the  orange duppata that look also nice and  with this dress make  half up and half down  hairstyle  with the bindi tikka  with this dress you can put on high heel sandal  this frock is perfect for giving you a  royal look. One thing is  purple and the second is anarkali frock complete charm of royalty and the  dignity.

6. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses

7.    Purple is  great combination with the orange ,red ,pink and yellow  but for the  bold color   red and purple color is best  neckline is fully  embellished with  the golden lace and the sleeves are decorated with flowers  full fitting  sleeves embellished  with lace and patch   full flare hemline is fancy with the golden ,red  and black   fabrics  with this dress you can carry the black  churi pajama but red is also great choice  and the duppata should dye in red and the purple color .  pumps and the khussa both are nice choice  and with it you can make becumin with the braid and  wear golden jewelry with it.
7. Beautiful Purple shade Anarkali dresses


always select these things which are good for your personality and if you want to see more color anarkali dresses then   continue your visit  on our website  you will see different   styles and colors of  anarkali dresses which will really inspired you  hope you will really like my  article because purple color is mostly liked by fashionable  girls.

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