Different Embroided White Punjabi Dresses

October 14, 2016 |

The trend of dressing is in changing because a person who exists wants to change in his life otherwise life can become boring. The ladies who are very conscious in the matter of their dressing  how it can be possible that they remain same  in their dressing they want to  different from the others .the college girls , ladies And the  young girls want to show their fashion  and introduce new designs  in the market because their  dressing is so  nice and liked by the others like such fashions which are  trendy and traditional  because it give you two benefit first you look  fashionable and  then traditional means  dressing according to your culture .

In the Indian culture the saree ,lehenga, and other  dresses and in our culture  Shalwar kameez and the frock  with pajama is nice choice  so in the Punjabi culture  the suit which is carried by them is Punjabi dress which is stitched  in so beautiful way you can carry these dresses on all the occasions and casually .white color us liked by sophisticated people so if you carry the  white color Punjabi dress then you look so beautiful and  traditional.

White with orange:


If you want to make a dress for this coming season then you  should not go with any style because Punjabi dress design is very simple and give you a good look white color short shirt  with round hemline and the  Patiala Shalwar is good the embroidery in so many vibrant color  as just like blue ,green, orange  and red these colors with bright  orange color is giving your white dress a fabulous look with it you can carry the blue and  orange  dye and dye dupatta.

White dress with floral embroidery:


White color is very light color and when you carry it you look so decent and something delicate and with it every color can go well  short shirt in chiffon stuff with the  colorful thread embroidery  floral and birds inspired  on the bottom  chiffon crochet style lace is embellished  floral made sleeves the embroidery in red ,green and yellow is  giving a perfect summer dress you can carry it  in the  summer season with the white khussa and the white dupatta embellish  with the red lace and you can use the  patches on it.

Paisley style Punjabi dress:


The combination of white with white is awesome because both colors are good but you can use the colorful embroidery on it the round hemline shirt with Patiala Shalwar which is fully embellished with the paisley pattern the Shalwar is paisley printed  and on the border   colorful embroided paisley is  made  the neckline is  decorated with the colorful buttons and  you can carry blue and pink dupatta  in crinkle and crape fabric because these stuffs are inn in the trend.

Pink with white contrast:


On any function or event if you want to carry the Punjabi dress then you should go with the  something embroided dress because when your dress is in Punjabi style and  some  pattern of embroidery is on it  so you can carry the mechanic  embroidery  on the Shalwar and on  the neckline with the thread embroidery the jacket style is made on the shoulders which is giving your dress  jacket style  with it you can carry high heel pumps and the khussa also  make the braid and the high  ponytail both are nice.

Tie and dye dress:


In the  white dresses you  have seen too much contrast and style  so if you want to see  different the tie and dye is good   white with the light pink  is looking sweet   the upper part is  simple and on the bottom the  resham thread  embroidery  with the mechanic embroidery and the booty style is on the Shalwar  the neckline is embellished with the little embroidery and the ribbon  you ca carry it on the wedding functions and  at casually.

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