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Fabulous Collection of Colorful Anarkali Outfits

November 5, 2014 |

Latest anarkali outfits

Anarkali is the oldest and ethnic dressing style that never goes out from fashion world instead of always comes with innovated and outstanding vivacious vogues. In India and Pakistan, anarkali outfits or umbrella frocks with churi pajama are most prominent wardrobes among ladies for wearing parties or wedding occasions.

Here, we are going to share ethnic and captivated anarkali outfits that are design latest, glorious and enchanting pattern. Dazzling and vibrant colors’ scheme is used to make fascinated and sophisticated aesthetic anarkali garments. Net, chiffon, jamaver and banarsi fabrics mostly utilized to make trendy and gorgeous anarkali outfits. Let’ briefly talk about designing and coloring of artistic and ethnic anarkali outfits.

Turquoise classy anarkali outfit

1 frock style anarkali suits with different colors (1)

Turquoise is bright and lovely shade that quickly can change your mood, feelings and thoughts.  This vivacious dress is design by banarsi yoke that bedecked with lustrous ribbon and neckline is made with exclusive and charming V-shape style while bottom is adorned with banarsi extension, stunning embroidered lace and glittered silver ribbons. This newest and captivated anarkali dress with enchanting shade looks more alluring from sterling metal clip that adorned form sparkling stones.

Magenta & black contrasted anarkali dress

2 frock style anarkali suits with different colors (2)

Look at this spellbound and tempting dress that is design with contrasted bright and vibrant shades. Magenta and black are two genuine contrasted hues that look jointly glamorous and exceptional at night functions. This captivated anarkali attire that design by shoulder straps black yoke that adorned from silver and golden slightly embroidery work while bottom bedecked with velvet extension and silver and golden ribbons.

Rounded bottom superb anarkali attire

3 frock style anarkali suits with different colors (6)

This superlative and charming yellow anarkali dress has a huge round shape bottom that adorned with brown ribbon, aesthetic embroidery with floral styles while neckline is bedecked with striking and captivated thread embroidery work. This dress is best for mayun or mehndi bridal.

Colorful anarkali dress for girls

4 frock style anarkali suits with different colors (8)

This impressive and charismatic anarkali dress is made with net fabric with pink, blue and red hues. Neckline is made with green currants banarsi that more adorned with diverse types of stunning laces with V-shape neckline and chic buttons while hemline is decked with blue finishing, chic lace and shocking pink banarsi extension that giving this dress an exceptional and captivated graze.

A-line black embroidered dress

5 frock style anarkali suits with different colors (4)

This anarkali dress is design by black chiffon base stuff that adorned from bottom with idealistic and gorgeous extension and neckline with white sterling and lustrous stones and sequins work. This attractive black anarkali attire is best for night part or wedding occasion.

Anarkali outfits have extraordinary magnetism and prettiness that allure ladies towards these. So, each Eastern wedding celebrations you will see that anarkali outfits are prominent. Here, you observe latest and aesthetic anarkali outfits that are superb for recent celebrations. Further more anarkali frocks with churi pajama that are decked with different fascinated patterns are added in the gallery images. Let se below and select best outfit for any particular occasion.

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