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Indian Actress Juhi Chawal In Anarkali Oiutfits

November 28, 2014 |

About Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla is illustrious and legendary character among Bollywood actresses that was born on 13th Nov 1967. She won the title of “Miss India Universe” in 1984 and after achieved this big success of beauty she introduced herself as an Indian film actress and made her debut film in 1986 which name was “Sultanat” and gained extensive reputation due to her tragic romance.

Now, she is leading film maker, voice actress, TV presenter and superlative Indian actress. She has been designated seven times for film fare awards. She took decision to get marriage in 1995 and made Jay Metha her life partner. She has two children Jhavni and Arjun. At this point, you will see her good-looking and prestigious Indian actress Juhi Chawla that is beloved personality of many peoples.

She appeared here to showcase superb and latest anarkali attires those are mostly nourished with colorful embroidery and stunning motifs in diverse designs and hues. These traditional anarkali suits come with churi pajama and teamed dupatta style those give a girl perfect ethnic appealing glance. Frequently, these ethnic outfits are adorned from neck and bust part of shirt with dazzling and exceptional embellishment. Look below and observe our exclusive and modernistic anarkali anthology.

Juhi Chawla in white embroidered anarkali attire

1 beautiful Juhi Chawla In Anarkali Suits

Juhi Chawla is appealing and vigorous Indian actress that wearer here, cute and lovely white base anarkali dress that is enriched from neckline and bottom with gorgeous and tempting thread work in vibrant shades. She looks captivated and innocent in clarity white outfit.

Patch work anarkali attire wearer Juhi Chawla

2 beautiful Juhi Chawla In Anarkali Suits (4)

Now a day, grey & black contrasted shades are in the fashion and much prominent among girls’ formal attires. In this picture, you can see excellent Indian actress is also wearing these famous and vivacious hues dress and looks more charming and glorious. This grey base attire is nourished with black patch work, red embroidered motifs, striking laces and dazzling ribbons work.

Navy blue stunning anarkali girls’ attire

3 beautiful Juhi Chawla In Anarkali Suits (8)

Look at this graceful and extremely chic anarkali dress that is design by entirely ethnic pattern bur festooned with contemporary zari work. Rounded shape neckline this apparel is bedecked with swirl designing yellow fabric and enriched with multi colored zari while bottom is garlanded with red shiny extension and cultural bright color dazzling embroidery. This alluring dress is perfect and idealistic for night party occasions.

Ethnic anarkali suit with lustrous work

4 beautiful Juhi Chawla In Anarkali Suits (10)

Juhi Chawla has handsome body and charisma face and her luxury fascinated dresses and jewelry enhances the magnetism of her manifestation. Here, she is weare5r long, sleeveless yellow shirt with teamed churi pajama. Shirt is embellished with golden twinkling sequins work and stunning ribbon. Her glamorous clutch and precious jewelry gives her a final and appealing glance.

Here, you are seeing celebrity Indian actress outfits that are designed by fully ethnic pattern with contemporary glance. All creations have extraordinary splendor and tempting. You can see further more anarkali dresses that are wearer by Juhi Chawla in the gallery images. Hope, you will like this fascinated and captivated anarkali dresses.

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