Latest Patiala Shalwar Trend for The Summer Season

January 31, 2017 |

The winter season is going to be end and summer season is very  near the ladies who are conscious about their dresses they want to carry something unique and new  because every girl look stylish and trendy and  the dress make you trendy  .in the dressing different styles are common as just like the trouser ,tights ,Capri , Patiala Shalwar, Aladdin , lungi, and many other  Shalwar are common in the fashion. Now a day’s Patiala Shalwar will remain stylish and common among the girls .

Patiala Shalwar is so traditional it is common in the Indian girls they carry it  in the casual routines sometime  Patiala Shalwar is in the printed and sometime in the  simple you can carry it at your home  and  semi formal and formal functions with the  shirt dresses in the functions you can carry the Patiala  Shalwar with the different  footwear .in the summer  the vibrant color are carry by the girls because the vibrant colors give you a great look  so  stay with us and see the different dresses.

Printed Shalwar with kameez:

The girl is at home but she is in the Patiala Shalwar because it is very easy and comfortable  the Shalwar is floral printed  with the Shalwar you can carry the blue color round shaped shirt  the shirt is thread embroided  you can carry the chiffon  dupatta  that is also floral  with it you can carry the blue color floral  khussa and the jewelry  for the semi formal look .

Black color dress:

black color is the most favorite color  of the  ladies they like to carry the different dresses in the black color  on the different ceremonies  the black color Patiala Shalwar  with the short shirt  is looking so decent the shirt is embellished with the thread  work with the mechanic  way the sleeves are also embroided  the bottom is also embellished  with the ribbon and the  patches  with it Patiala black Shalwar in the linen stuff is good with it  you can carry the orange color patches embellished dupatta  for the great traditional look.

Fancy pink color dress:

Light pink color printed shirt embellished with the golden beads and the ribbons on the  shirt neckline and the border  with this shirt you can carry the Patiala Shalwar bindi printed banarsi Shalwar  in Patiala style is looking so decent you can carry it in the barat function and in the get together party because color is very nice  with it high heel golden sandal and the golden jewelry  and leave your hair open for the great formal look.

Black with different colors:

In the Patiala Shalwar with different shirts you can contrast it in different style because  the black color can go with every contrast and every color suits n the young girl  so here the  red color shirt  embellished with patches and the stone ribbon is used on the neckline and the  sleeves with it you can carry the black Shalwar and black dupatta for the semi formal look   with this dress you can carry the  flat pumps  and the black khussa  in the black  color another dress  is in light yellow color half sleeves  the bottom is embellished  with the silver patch in the paisley style  black color Patiala Shalwar  with black dupatta  embellished with patches  you can carry the khussa in the yellow color and in the black both are nice  with it you can carry the bangles and the  earrings with the dress.

Formal dress for girls:

The Patiala  Shalwar with the shirts are nice choice you can carry it in the formal functions because it gives you great look in this traditional dress  brown color embroided shirt with the embroidery and the silk stuff Patiala Shalwar is looking beautiful  you can carry the brown color georgette dupatta with your dress  embellished with the  patches  in the formal dress  you can carry any dark color , dark orange dress  in the silk banarsi stuff  paisley style patches are on the both side of the shirt orange color Patiala Shalwar  you can carry the brown color dupatta matching with the embroidery is looking so nice  you can carry the brown color  shoes for nice look.

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