New embroidered collection Vol-1 lala twill palachi 2017

November 22, 2017 |

National Pakistani designs are all about unique embroidery techniques. Designers before initiate their journey to international fashion world, they have to make impression on people at national level. Actually I am personally not a designer but I love to dominate fascinating designs of people.

Let me tell you something about efforts of designers folks, they have been through hard and invest a lot of their time and money in designs to serve people with their utmost best. It is not an easy job to create whole collection.

Talking about collections, let we introduce out stunning embroidered eastern style dresses for ladies in form of valoume-1 which is showcased by lala twill palachi Pakistan based national brand. Let me show you some stunning designs without testing your patience.

Visual aids:
Blue shaded embroidery dresses for Pakistani girls:

Here I have some printed options for you from lala twill palachi collection volume-1. Actually I have diversified these dresses in accordance to their color schemes so that you can judge through each and every design in detail.

Bright shaded embroidered and printed dresses for young girls:

Here are two brighter shades eastern style dressing segments under this head. Bright shades involves bright yellow and red shades, which are embellished with stunning color transitional embroidered techniques along with remarkable printed textures all over the dress. Yu can see varied type of prints on dupatta, trousers and shirts.

Muted dark shades eastern style embroidered dresses for girls:

Here are bunch of shades in slightly muted and darker shades for ladies. I have number of options for you guys with sunning prints and wonderful floral embroider techniques in varied shades on shirt, dupatta and at the ends of trousers. Tell me that what do out like about this collection the most?

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