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Riwaj Lawn Collection Vol-2 2017 by Shariq Textiles

March 21, 2017 |

Shariq Textiles mills, the famous clothing brand was founded in 2009, it has made a rapid progress and is currently one of the leading composite textile houses in the world. This name is not only getting success in Pakistan but also in foreign countries or all around the globe.

Its collections are liked by every citizen of national and international countries because of its high quality of designing the attractive prints.

The ever new summer collections have been launched by almost all noted fashion labels, designers and brands, unveiling their latest collections, they all are striving to stay at the top and become the trend setter.

By the increasing number of fashion brands in the market, people now demand something really unique and impressive those dominate other designs. This makes designers and brands focus mainly on the prints and grab customers’ attention by bringing versatility in their designs.

Among the very famous and well-known names of the clothing industry, Riwaj Lawn Collection by Shariq Textiles is also trying to give a tough time to competitors.

Get ready for the awesome treat by Shariq Textiles because Riwaj lawn has been released, alluring prints and designs contrasting with bold shades will give you very pretty eastern look. The contrasting hues of fabrics with astonishing floral and digital prints will surely be stunning you and all the three piece dresses are gorgeous with unique digital floral prints and stitched according to the latest fashion trend.

Riwaj lawn collection is now easily available at all leading women clothing stores across Pakistan visit the stores to grab the latest dresses of your choice.

This Riwaj lawn collection is designed with pastel and vibrant shades with richness of aesthetic and with the deep colors, poise, and innocence of contrasting hues have been sprinkled carefully to define the lawn.

For summer day wear, the Riwaj lawn has given smart and elite amalgamation of prints on soft fabric. Here we have brought full look book of Riwaj lawn by Shariq Textiles to show you the chicness and beauty of styles. Beautiful prints lawn shirts are paired with Riwaj’s wondrous trousers, Patiala shalwar and dhoti shalwar and cigarette pants etc that made the collection glamorous and more beautiful.

This is one of the best collections of Riwaj lawn by Shariq Textiles and the best thing about this collection is that, it can be equally worn by both young girls and middle age women also. All the printed shirts are designed in standard length and knee-length and coordinated with trousers and shalwars also.

So a lady can choose the appropriate dress according to her age and choice. Some of the dresses are designed and featured with geometric work of lace and thread work and same is done with plain trousers, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your summer season special.

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