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Rohit Bal Wedding Anarkali Attires 2015

January 31, 2015 |

About Rohit Bal 2015 wedding assortment

Indian is one of the richest and most popular Fashion Industry in the world wide that has a large number of veteran and educated designers.

Today, I am going to talk about celebrity and influential Rohit Bal that added in the list of top 10 prestigious and leading Indian fashion designers. Rohit Bal was born on 8th May 1961 and gained art & designing edification from National Institute Of Fashion Technology and recognized as a superb modern fashion designer.
He launches all types of ethnic female wardrobes such as casual wear, formal wear, wedding and also bridal outfits. At this present time, I am bringing an extensive assortment of innovative and modernistic superb Rohit Bal wedding collection. This alluring and fascinated wedding assortment is designed with inimitable and cultural pattern.

Long shirts with churi pajama attires those are made with dazzling and charming colors’ combination apparel looks awesome graceful and magnificent. Slightly embroidered is done on the neckline while hemlines are decked with contrasted hues extension. Let briefly explain in this article about exquisite and sophisticated Rohit Bal wedding assortment.

Multihued stylish anarkali frock

1 Rohit Bal  Wedding Anarkalis Collection 2015 (19)

This appealing and adorable contrasted hues dress looks tremendously graceful and fascinated. Identical tint Banarsi yoke with short sleeves has chic buttoned neckline while below skirt is designed with orange & pink superb contrasted hues material with pico hemline that creates chunnat. Dupatta is nourished with matching shades flowering lace that enhances the beautification of this impressive dress.

Skin & blue contrasted hues dress

2 Rohit Bal  Wedding Anarkalis Collection 2015 (1)

Wao! this is too much gorgeous and sophisticated wedding dress that stunningly stitched with yoke and front open skirt style.  Elegant and graceful blue chunnat fabric is utilized to make inner shirt while over it dazzling skin hue long shirt. This upper captivated shirt is decked with glittery and appealing adornment this is diminutive and ultra-classic. Really, this is tremendous graceful and aesthetic Rohit Bal wedding clothes.

Embroidered jacket stylish frock

3 Rohit Bal  Wedding Anarkalis Collection 2015 (12)

Really, this is extremely chic and tempting wedding outfit that is made with finest dupioni silk material in dazzling blue tint that is gorgeously stitched with collar neckline cute buttoned adorned style while bottom is enriched with golden glittery extension. Golden striking embroidery jacket is exceptional pair of this ethnic dress that is developing more splendor and grace.

Long open shirt with lehnga

4 Rohit Bal  Wedding Anarkalis Collection 2015 (24)

Now a day, long front open shirt is most prominent trend among ladies’ fashion wardrobes. In this picture, you are also seeing impressive and fascinated long front open shirt with stunning lehnga attire. Shirt is made with alluring block printed silk fabric and adorned with chic pink buttons while pure black tint lehnga is designed with ruff fabric.

Here, you are seeing contemporary and hottest Rohit Bal wedding attires those are perfect for up-coming wedding celebrations. If you want to check further more idealistic Rohit Bal wedding dresses then you should to visit our gallery of images. Hope, you will like this aesthetic assortment.

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