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Stunning & Ethnic Anarkali Attires For Girls

November 14, 2014 |

Anarkali Dresses

In the current fashion world, markets are full with aesthetic and gorgeous Designer outfits and some are ahead in these and youth generation show much interest in Western outfits. We all well-known that in the past time women wear just traditional anarkali dresses that are associated from Mughal period. But now, in the recent time, girls are bored from similar Western dresses and anarkali frocks and dresses are another time came in the fashion globe.

Today, I am going to allocate latest, stunning and adorned anarkali outfits that are designed with diverse glorious pattern. Delightful and marvelous colors palette is done on these dresses to make these most elegant and exceptional. Have a great glance our appealing and decked anarkali dresses that are really appealing and enchanting.

White anarkali frock with colorful yoke

1 Adorning Anarkali outfit for girls 2014

Now a day, white color is most prominent among chic and trendy girls’ wardrobes and this show clarity and decent glance. This anarkali frock is embellished from yoke colorful floral thread embroidery with stunning V-shape neckline while width chic bottom is garnished with brown self-printed extension and gorgeous lace.

Elegant anarkali frock with chic embellishment

2 green golden dress anarkali

Anarkali is one of the best and ethnics vogues that can de decked with numerous chic patterns. Look at this graceful and tempting anarkali attire that is design by dark green net base and black velvet blouse. Neckline and sleeves are enriched with silver sterlinmg shimmering material while width bottom is decked with stunning golden ribbons and intricate dazzling embroidery. Its width hemline exudes the magnetism and alluring for modish girls.

Neelam Muneer wearer anarkali outfit

3 new blue color dress anarkali

Neelam Muneer is most beautiful and recognized Pakistani actress that appeared in many serial dramas on different channels. Here, you can see her wearing royal blue anarkali dress that looks most stunning and fabulous her fair face. This ethnic current attire has floor length polka dots back and plain front shirt that looks extremely chic and fascinated. This dress is adorned with copper glorious lace from neckline while bottom is enriched with twinkling extension and copper adorable lace.

Red anarkali frock with golden embroidery

4 red n golden adress by anarkali outfit

Red color is delightful quixotic color and most prominent among girls’ wardrobes. This red anarkali frock is designed by chic and aesthetic pattern. Upper neck to waist part is fitted while lower part is loose. Neckline is decked with red and golden gorgeous embroidery while bottom is embellished golden ribbons, laces and chic embroidery work.  Front bottom is also decked with golden cute motifs that really look charming and fabulous.

In this article, you observe cultural and illustrious anarkali outfits that are especially designed for traditional girls. Our gallery images have also cultural anarkali outfits that re designed with different patterns and styles. You can see there for further anarkali outfits. Hope, you will enjoy our exclusive and appealing anarkali dresses.

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