Trendy Front Open Anarkali Frocks with Pant Style Pajamas

March 7, 2016 |

Long Frocks with Stylish Tight Capri Pajamas:

The wedding ceremony of my best friend is going to be held into the upcoming week & I have started preparation for her wedding from the last week. She actually belongs from India & she plan to arrange her wedding function in pure eastern style. So, according to this theme I also need to buy such clothes that are designed in some eastern style. Last Sunday when I go into market then I saw lots of eastern clothes such as lehengas, frocks, sarees, salwar suits etc. I rejected salwar suit because it looks quite casual, I rejected saree style because carrying a saree is a touch task while I also rejected lehenga style attire because I think it will look quite over. So, now only frocks style left. I usually saw lots of anarkali frock into the clothing stores. But the interesting point is that I found a very chic, trendy yet eastern style of frock. Can you guess it? Oho you can because I mention it into the title. Well, yes, you are right, I saw the front open gown style long anarkali frocks that are actually paired with tight pant style pajamas.

This style impresses me a lot that before going on wedding I want to share this new & latest styles of “anarkali frocks with pants” with you so that you can also make your upcoming wedding function, parties, festival ceremonies really very remarkable by wearing a innovative style of frocks. Believe me this style will not only add a chic touch into your personality but you feel quite comfortable in this style of frocks. Here I tried to include different styles of pants some are simple, some are embellished, some are in Capri style. For more details you can read the following passages or you can watch pictures.

Banarsi Stuff Capri Pajamas with Long Frocks:

0 banarsi stuff pant style pajamas with fancy frocks (1)

The first option is that you can try beautifully embroidered or lace embellished front open style anarkali frocks with banarsi stuff tight pajamas. The length of the frock must be “ankle length” because this length looks very graceful with pajamas. Furthermore, the long cut on the front side of frock actually starts from the midriff area & continue to the hemline. The “cut” can also be made into the center as well as on the left or right side of frock. The choice is yours.

Embroidered Anarkali Frocks with Simple Pant Style Pajamas:

1 embellished long anarkali frocks with simple pant style pajamas (1)
Here I include only those pictures of frocks in which heavily embellished frocks are paired with simple pant style pajamas. As you can view that orange, black embroidered frock is paired with dark maroon color simple pant style pajama & other is only one tone frock with matching pajama. Some more designs are shown below into the pictures. When you choose such style of attires for wearing at wedding or at any other function then I think there is a great need to pay attention towards the right selection of other styling accessories such as jewelry, clutch, footwear etc.
2 embellished long anarkali frocks with simple pant style pajamas (3)
With such frocks you can wear high heel pumps as well as thong style flat footwear but high heel pumps can accentuate the dress in a best way. Similarly, you need to choose the jewelry by keeping the style of frock into the mind. For example if your frock have long sleeves then there is no need of bangles or bracelets while with a half sleeved or sleeveless frock bracelet become a necessary piece of jewelry. Similarly, with bateau or high neckline the necklace is never needed. Necklace also looks very odd with a frock that has heavy embroidery work around neckline. So, with such frock you should only use the earrings. Earring should also be selected by keeping your face shape into the mind. Such as a round face shape lady should avoid round earring because round earring can add more roundness into her face so she should go with square or tear drop shape earrings.
3 embellished long anarkali frocks with simple pant style pajamas (4)
Choose your clutch by keeping the dress color into the mind. Sometimes, it better to match your clutch not with dress color but with embroidery color. Such as if your wear black frock with silver embroidery then I think a silver clutch will look nicer as compared to black clutch.  The peach color frock that you are viewing into the above picture can be bought online on price Rs3, 984. The link is given below.

Embroidered Tight Pajamas with Front Open Style Frocks:

4 embroidered pant style pajamas with anarkali frocks (1)
Another option is to go with those pajamas that are also heavily embellished with laces, embroidery works, beads or sequins work as you can view above into the picture. You can make a front open gown style frock with pajama in one tone as you can view red color dress above while you can also think about contrast such as you can see black & beige color combination dress. Some more one tone & contrasting dresses are shown below into the picture. Take a look & choose your style.

5 embroidered pant style pajamas with anarkali frocks (3) 6 embroidered pant style pajamas with anarkali frocks (5) 7 embroidered pant style pajamas with anarkali frocks (7)

When you decided to wear such outfits, then you also need to pay attention towards your make up. Yes, usually, it is seen in day time event girls like to wear lighter tone dresses so you need to keep your strokes of makeup also very light while at night time events you can wear brighter tone dresses with bright strokes of make. But always apply dark lipstick when you have light eye makeup but with dark eye makeup I think you should apply light color of lipstick. If you apply dark lipstick & dark eye makeup then of course you will look very gauche & odd. So, you need to balance your face look by keeping one thing lighter when the other is darker.

Printed Silk Stuff Capri Pants with Long Open Gown Style Frocks:

8 printed silk capri pants with front open style anarkali frocks (1)

Printed silk stuff pajamas are also look very impressive & funky with long front open style anarkali frocks as you can see into the above picture. For enjoying the evening parties, birthdays function or anniversary parties, you can think about the silk stuff pajamas with chiffon or net stuff frocks. Another styling tip when you decided to wear this style of dress is to pay attention towards your hairstyle. When you wear a stylish dress then of course your hairstyle should also be stylish. So I think with such style of dresses the one side updo or curly hairs look very perfect. You can also try high ponytail or side swept hairstyle idea.

Simple & Lace Stuff Pajamas with Long Gown Style Anarkali:

9 printed, simple & lace stuff pajamas with long front open style anarkali frocks (1)
Into the above picture you can see some more pant style pajamas, one is made with black lace stuff, other is made with simple black cotton stuff with simple mustard frock & last one is made with printed stuff. All styles of frock are looking very simple & perfect for wearing simple events, casually, simple get to gathers or you can wear these frocks when you want to visit your friend’s home or neighbor’s home just casually.

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